Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
District 21

I am honored to represent the people of District 21 and am so proud of how our community has come together over the last year and half. Together, we’ve pushed for crucial COVID relief, spoken out for fair and transparent redistricting, and made it clear that all folks have a place in our state—free from discrimination.

While we've made some progress—from expanding rental assistance to enacting election reform—there's plenty more to do in Concord. That’s why I’m so excited to kick off my campaign for re-election! I look forward to continue connecting with folks around the Seacoast, hearing from you on how want to see our government run. Next session will be key test for our democracy and together we can fight for the future we believe in.

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I need your help to raise the voices of all Granite Staters. From making phone calls, knocking on doors, sending texts and putting up yard signs, your support is sincerely appreciated. Are you with me?


'Grave consequences': Democratic legislators gather in Portsmouth to slam NH abortion ban

July 1, 2021 - PORTSMOUTH — Thirty-one and a half weeks pregnant herself, State Sen. Rebecca Perkins-Kwoka, D-Portsmouth, spoke vehemently Thursday morning in opposition to New Hampshire’s recently enacted abortion ban, which lawmakers inserted into the state’s budget and Gov. Chris Sununu signed into law Friday, June 25.

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Sens. Becky Whitley and Rebecca Perkins Kwoka: Budget isn't for legislating abortion

June 23, 2021 - — OVER OUR objections, the Republican majority in the state Senate passed a draconian budget that includes a cruel abortion ban, which is extreme in its lack of exceptions. This anti-woman, anti-family policy will only serve to harm Granite Staters in intensely complex circumstances, and criminalize doctors for providing compassionate care.

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Rebecca Perkins Kwoka Offers a Hand to Struggling Small Business

June 17, 2021 -- During Pride Month, host Ryan Coonerty talks with Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, the first openly LGBTQ+ woman to be elected to New Hampshire's state senate, about her work to ensure small businesses aren't left out of pandemic recovery and how she brings new perspectives and voices to the table as a member of the LGBTQ community

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Protesters Gather at State House Opposed to Abortion Language in Budget Bill

June 16, 2021 -- CONCORD – A dozen “Handmaids” protested at the New Hampshire State House Wednesday to join with other people opposed to the addition of anti-abortion language in the proposed biennial budget.

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'Intrusion of state': Sen. Perkins Kwoka assails abortion limits in NH's $13.5B budget

June 3, 2021 -- CONCORD — The Republican-led New Hampshire Senate was on track Thursday to approve a $13.5 billion two-year state budget after rejecting attempts by Democrats to remove both proposed business tax cuts and abortion restrictions.

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Dropping mandates, hiking for stress, opening stadiums: News from around our 50 states

March 3, 2021 -- New businesses that opened just in time to be slammed by the coronavirus pandemic would be eligible for more help under a bill before a state Senate committee Tuesday. The state distributed more than $400 million in federal funding through its Main Street Relief Fund for small businesses, but only those that were established before May 26, 2019, were eligible. “This cut out a large segment of new small businesses which fill new needs in our communities and create the most new jobs at a time when they were really struggling,” said Sen. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, D-Portsmouth.

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NH bill would help new businesses hit by coronavirus

March 2, 2021 -- CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - New businesses that opened just in time to be slammed by the coronavirus pandemic would be eligible for more help under a bill before a Senate committee Tuesday.

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Loudon speedway vaccination site to open this weekend

March 2, 2021 -- The state of New Hampshire is planning to open a mass vaccination site by appointment only for this weekend at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The goal: 10,000 people.

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Seacoast new businesses hope NH bill will bring COVID relief funds

March 2, 2021 -- CONCORD — New businesses that opened just in time to be slammed by the coronavirus pandemic would be eligible for more help under a bill before a Senate committee Tuesday.

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Bill requires lactation spaces

February 4, 2021 -- The New Hampshire Senate voted Thursday for a bill to require New Hampshire companies to allow new mothers to pump breast milk at work, moving forward a protection that has been years in the works

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Opinion/Perkins Kwoka, Sherman: Our democracy is too important

NH Senators Rebecca Perkins Kwoka and Tom Sherman — Our state is about to enter into a process which will decide if voters will pick their politicians or if politicians will pick their voters.By drawing a fair and impartial map based on people and not politics, based on representation and not partisan power, we can help heal and unite our country

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Our Turn: New Hampshire must stand up for working mothers

Jan 25, 2021 -- NH Senators Rebecca Perkins Kwoka and Becky Whitley —Working and having a family has never been so difficult. Stagnant incomes and outdated workplace practices continue to pit being a parent against having a career. Unfortunately, we have also seen that the global pandemic has disproportionately impacted working mothers and women of color in New Hampshire and across the country. We need to do more to support working families

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NH senator: Grocery workers, teachers should get COVID vaccine priority

PORTSMOUTH – State Sen. Rebecca Perkins Kwoka penned a letter this week to Gov. Chris Sununu asking that teachers, grocery store employees and individuals with Type I diabetes be moved up into Phase 1B of the state's COVID-19 vaccination plan.

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Rebecca Perkins Kwoka becomes first openly LGBTQ+ woman elected to NH Senate

PORTSMOUTH — Democrat Rebecca Perkins Kwoka won the Senate District 21 race over Republican Sue Polidura becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ woman elected to New Hampshire Senate.

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