I've worked hard during my professional and political career delivering progressive change for New Hampshire residents. I'm extremely proud to earn the support of so many dedicated public servants. 

Emily's List Endorses Rebecca Perkins Kwoka


July 23 -- “Rebecca’s diverse experiences as a small business development volunteer, a legislative coordinator at the statewide level, a grassroots coordinator at the federal level, a nonprofit advocate, and a workforce housing defender make her a phenomenal candidate to represent District 21 in the state Senate,” said Geri Prado, vice president of state and local campaigns at EMILY's List. “EMILY’s List is thrilled to support Rebecca’s state Senate campaign so that she can continue her public service and advocacy in the legislature.

- Geri Prado, vice president of state local campaigns, EMILY's List

Letter: Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for NH Senate


July 12 -- To the Editor: Driving up, down and across New Hampshire you learn a lot about the other people in you carpool. That is how I got to know Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, commuting to our monthly Leadership New Hampshire session days in 2017. In addition to her insightful contributions to our NH Leadership class, as she pulled from a wealth of knowledge in law, housing advocacy, renewable energy and the interesting Portsmouth City Council dynamics, I realized she was just getting started. When I heard Perkins Kwoka was running for State Senate, it sounded right... Read More

- Steven Borne

Letter: Let me tell you about the remarkable Rebecca Perkins Kwoka


July 10 -- To the Editor: I’ve been a registered Democrat my entire life. I’m a politics super fan and look forward to every Election Day, where you’ll usually find me holding a sign. These days, politics is not for the timid, and more often than not, involves a lot of heartache. Every once in a while, though, there are bright moments. This year, Democrats in District 21 have the opportunity to vote for a once-in-a-generation candidate on Primary Day. Please let me tell you about the remarkable Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, who is running for State Senate... Read More

- Nancy Pearson

Perkins Kwoka gets unanimous support from officers of Portsmouth Democrats' Executive Committee


July 13 – The officers of the Portsmouth Democrats Executive Committee have unanimously endorsed Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for state Senate in District 21. District 21 is made up of Durham, Lee, Madbury, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket and Portsmouth. Officers include Laurie McCray, chair; Barbara DeStefano, vice chair; Shanika Amarakoon, secretary; and Brian Wazlaw, treasurer. Though the committee as a whole does not endorse in Democratic primaries, the officers and a majority of members of the Executive Committee, as well as the majority of local party delegates to the state convention, have said they were excited to individually support Kwoka, of Portsmouth, for state Senate... Read More

- Portsmouth Democrats’ Executive Committee

Letter: Perkins Kwoka will keep state Senate on a progressive path


June 21 -- To the Editor: We all owe Martha Fuller Clark a huge debt of gratitude for her years of service and leadership on our behalf. I believe Rebecca Perkins Kwoka has the qualities we need to keep Senate District 21 on a progressive path. I have been impressed by her integrity, grit, work ethic, and good heart. Her expertise in solar power will be a huge asset in helping NH deal with the effects of climate change. I appreciate her work as a city councilor and in housing advocacy at the state level... Read More

- Joan Jacobs

Letter: I support Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for state Senate


June 12 -- To the Editor: I am excited to support Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for state Senate because she is an innovative thinker, a hard worker, and an important voice to represent us. Our community and our state are facing the challenge of attracting and retaining young professionals. We need people of all ages involved in decision-making in our state. Through her work on affordable housing, Rebecca has advocated for better housing stock to ensure young people can afford to live in our city. As a young candidate with impressive experience and the grit to get things done, Rebecca would be an excellent Senator for the 21st district... Read More

- Tyler Goodwin

Letter: Support Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for state Senate


June 12 -- To the Editor: As a fellow public servant and working mother, I enthusiastically endorse Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for State Senate in the 21st district. I have seen firsthand Rebecca's commitment to the civic arena in her time as a City Councilor. She advocated tirelessly for the residents of Portsmouth while managing a busy family life, a challenging balance I know well. While we have a remarkable tradition of women leaders in our state, there is still a long way to go with representation of working mothers in politics... Read More

- Becky McBeath

Letter: Rebecca Perkins Kwoka is ideal replacement for Sen. Fuller Clark


June 11 -- To the Editor: We are pleased to learn that Rebecca Perkins Kwoka is running for the New Hampshire State Senate seat that Martha Fuller Clark is retiring from. Rebecca is intelligent, caring, articulate and as a practicing attorney well versed in our state and federal laws. She is the perfect replacement for Martha who worked diligently for Portsmouth citizens. We are happy to support Rebecca and encourage all Portsmouth residents to do so also. Ralph A. DiBernardo, Sr., Linda D. DiBernardo Portsmouth... Read More

- Ralph A. DiBernardo, Sr., Linda D. DiBernardo

Letter: Rebecca Perkins Kwoka would serve the Seacoast well in state senate


June 10 -- To the Editor: Re Rebecca Perkins Kwoka I too noticed the "McIntyre 7" endorsed Rebecca Perkins Kwoka for District 21 State Senator, so I was not surprised by Claire Prout's reaction. I believe that during the McIntyre hearings, the previous Council appeared not to be listening to the residents, became arrogant and acted superior to the rest of us. All of their previous good work was forgotten at the election. I voted for people on both sides of that issue and I voted for Rebecca. I think she does listen and would be a superb state senator in Martha Fuller Clark's model... Read More

- Sue Thoresen

Current and former mayors, councilors urge Perkins Kwoka to run for state senate


June 2 -- To the Editor: We greatly appreciate what Senator Martha Fuller Clark has done for the Seacoast and New Hampshire in her 30-plus years of public service. We are a better state because of her activism and leadership, and although she is retiring from the State Senate, we know she will continue to make... Read More

- Former Portsmouth Mayor Jack Blalock, former Portsmouth City Councilor Josh Denton, former Portsmouth City Councilor Chris Dwyer, Portsmouth City Councilor Cliff Lazenby, former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, former Portsmouth City Councilor Nancy Pearson, former Portsmouth City Councilor Ned Raynolds, former Portsmouth Mayor Eric Spear



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