I’m excited to share my progressive values with District 21 voters. If there are issues you care about but are not listed below, please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] with any questions.

Policy Papers

Equality and Protection against Discrimination

  • I believe in dignity and security for all people. All Granite Staters should be free from discrimination in all areas of our society including employment, housing, education, health care, the justice system, and public accommodations.
  • LGBTQ+ people must be legally protected against discrimination in schools, workforce, healthcare, and housing.
  • People with disabilities must be legally protected against discrimination, but more than that, we must rethink the way our society functions to make it more humane and accessible for all people.
  • Immigrants are an integral part of our community. I support open and humane immigration policies that welcome all of the world to our borders to build a new life, something my time in the Peace Corps only reinforced. I will fight against any state enforcement of federal immigration laws that destroy families and disrupt communities.
  • A woman’s right to choose must be protected. Each woman absolutely makes the decision that is right for her, which I understand even more deeply having been pregnant last year.
  • Black Lives Matter. I am dedicated to anti-racist thinking in every area of policy. I applaud the recent protests, taking part in them myself.

Working Families and Small Businesses

  • Growing up, I watched my single mom manage our small business with tight margins. I understand the unique challenges of surviving year-round on summer-season revenue.
  • Small businesses and working families are the foundation of our state’s economy and well-being, and COVID-19 has threatened small businesses’ livelihoods. We must support small businesses across the state in their time of need, passing meaningful rent relief legislation to protect jobs and keep doors open.
  • I support a living wage and paid family leave. Working parents should not need to pick up three jobs just to put food on the table. And as a new parent, I know how important those early moments with your new child are –– all parents should be able to have that time for their families.

Climate Policy and Green Jobs

  • We need bold, purposeful policy change to fix the climate crisis. And it is a crisis.
  • Our economy and our climate are not two opposing or distinct sectors, but rather interconnected, something I understand deeply as an attorney at a solar company.
  • Renewable energy is essential to our future. We need to incentivize it here in New Hampshire. As Senator, I will bring the policy Maine has used to great success here to New Hampshire, offering incentives for renewable energy companies to develop here, bringing thousands of jobs to our state.
  • Our green energy future is in reach - where there is a political will, there is a way to achieve this. We do not need to be the only state in New England losing jobs from our solar workforce. We can see success in this field if we successfully reform net metering, which will also be a win for our small businesses by creating predictability of pricing.

Affordable and Workforce Housing

  • Housing is the cornerstone of each of our citizens realizing their full potential and thriving. We must fight for each person to be safe and housed, but not only that - to have a home, and to have a place - literally and figuratively - in our society.
  • I have been fighting for increased housing stock in our state for a decade, working with local authorities and sitting on a statewide task force to incentivize municipalities to build more housing.
  • As a City Councilor, I fought for and successfully passed zoning changes which allow for incentivize workforce housing units (those restricted by a covenant based on income) by allowing for increased density bonuses.
  • I was appointed to a statewide task force on housing for my work, where we created two comprehensive pieces of legislation - HB 1629 and HB 1632 - which proposed a large variety of policy solutions to help incentivize the development of additional housing units, including workforce housing.
  • One of the flagship pieces of this statewide program was the Housing Champions program, where municipalities could put more housing-friendly policies in place, which would qualify them for incentives such as preferential access to Revolving Loan Fund funds or state capital improvement funds.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice

  • I am committed to dismantling our racist system of mass incarceration. I support reconsidering jail time for minor crimes, ending private prisons, the release of individuals incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses, and the end of cash bail. We must reduce mandatory minimums and stop the practice of exploitative prison labor.
  • We must strive for a time when we will not need police, and to do so we must invest in a social safety and support net that addresses the roots of the problem, not the symptoms. To do so, we must reduce the scale of policing and focus on community-oriented solutions. Also, I support independent investigations each and every time an individual is killed by law enforcement.
  • In this time of COVID-19, we must actively work to protect incarcerated people from dangerous exposure to the virus, taking all necessary precautions.

Voting Rights

  • Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. Every American over 18 years old should be able to cast a ballot without undue difficulty. This should not be partisan, it should not be contested, it should be simple. We must ensure that voting by mail becomes a standard option rather than an exception. Voting should not be troublesome for those working all day to support their families, so we should make election day a holiday.
  • Voter suppression must be combatted at all turns. I oppose Voter ID laws, as they unfairly restrict access to voting for some populations. Waiting hours in line to vote is voter suppression too, so we must ensure we have sufficient precincts and poll staff in every neighborhood, as well as extended hours and early voting at polling places. With the pandemic in mind, we must have extra polling places to reduce crowding and ensure that everyone can vote safely while social distancing - while also respecting the long hours our municipal officials put in to make these polling places possible.



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