Martha Fuller Clark

"I believe Rebecca is the most qualified candidate to carry on my legacy as your state senator for the past 12 years... I am convinced that Rebecca is ready to do the hard work of being a full-time senator and will give it the complete commitment it deserves - 24/7. She has the past experience of serving as a member of the Portsmouth City Council, the legal training and expertise as a lawyer, and a practical approach to bipartisan problem solving that will enable her to become an outstanding state senator, remaining true to the Democratic values of equality and opportunity in all."

- Martha Fuller Clark, Current District 21 State Senator

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Katherine "Kitty" Marple

"When I decided to support Rebecca, I didn’t do so lightly. Rebecca shares many of my ideals, especially working for those who are employed in our communities but cannot afford to live here. I believe that Rebecca will be very effective as a Senator, possessing an unmatched blend of competence, compassion, and the know-how to get things done. I hope you will join me in voting for her on Sept. 8."

- Katherine "Kitty" Marple, Durham Leader

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Molly Cowan

"In a seat long held by Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, a powerful champion of equality and women’s rights, the next Senator must be capable of carrying on her legacy. I can’t think of a better person than Rebecca Perkins Kwoka."

- Molly Cowan, Vice Chair, Exeter Select Board

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Jeffrey Salloway

"After researching the race extensively, I am enthusiastically supporting Rebecca because of her impressive track record, fresh voice, and vision for change on the important issues facing Granite Staters."

- Jeffrey Salloway, Lee State Rep

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Henry M Smith

"I have read much about Ms. Kwoka’s impressive background, including her tenure as a Peace Corps Ambassador and as a green-energy attorney; the outstanding service she has rendered to her community as a Portsmouth City Councilor; and, in particular, her passionate advocacy for affordable workforce housing in our area. Rockingham and Strafford counties have grown dramatically in population in the last 2-3 decades, thus highlighting the crying need for affordable housing for working families."

- Henry M. Smith, Former Durham Town Councilor

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Cliff Lazenby - Portsmouth City Councilor

"For the last two years serving together, I saw up close how rigorous Rebecca was on issue after issue, whether related to the budget, a healthy environment or a range of smart growth topics. She successfully led community-based affordable housing advocacy, which culminated in zoning changes that have already helped expand our affordable housing stock."

- Cliff Lazenby, Current Portsmouth City Councilor, Former Assistant Mayor

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Joan Jacobs

I believe Rebecca Perkins Kwoka has the qualities we need to keep Senate District 21 on a progressive path. I have been impressed by her integrity, grit, work ethic, and good heart. Her expertise in solar power will be a huge asset in helping NH deal with the effects of climate change. I appreciate her work as a city councilor and in housing advocacy at the state level. Rebecca focuses on finding solutions that work for all of us, including our most vulnerable neighbors. For these reasons I will be voting for Rebecca in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 8.

- Joan Jacobs, Democratic Activist

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Chuck Raye

"Rebecca is truly one of the most brilliant and hardworking individuals I have ever met. She constantly pushes for bold ideas while remaining policy-oriented, ensuring that she can actually get things done. She cares about her constituents and will make decisions that will benefit us all. Rebecca would be a phenomenal State Senator and I hope you’ll join me in voting for her on Sept. 8."

- Chuck Raye, Portsmouth Resident

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State Rep Joshua Query

"Rebecca, in addition to being a remarkably qualified and dedicated public servant with a long record of advocacy, would be the first openly LGBTQ woman ever elected to the New Hampshire State Senate. And as a mother of a young child, she would join a State Senate without a single young mother in it. These things matter."

- Joshua Query, Chair of the NH Legislative LGBTQ Caucus
State Representative, Hillsborough 16 Manchester W.9

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Michael Cahill, Newmarket State Representative

"I will be voting for Rebecca Perkins Kwoka who though our conversations has impressed me as someone well prepared yet eager to learn (and there’s a lot to learn) who will do the work in the Senate for the people of the district."

- Michael Cahill, Newmarket State Rep

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Nancy Pearson - Former Portsmouth City Councilor

"This year, Democrats in District 21 have the opportunity to vote for a once-in-a-generation candidate on Primary Day... New Hampshire Democrats are used to difficult primary choices, and we take our elections seriously, but this one is a no-brainer. With her impressive resume and policy experience, lifelong dedication to service, and living embodiment of progressive values, Rebecca, a self-made woman, is the only clear choice for state senate."

- Nancy Pearson, Former Portsmouth City Councilor

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Kathleen Soldati

“Rebecca Perkins Kwoka is hands down the best candidate for state Senate District 21 with a 'stellar background' as an `advocate, public servant, green energy lawyer, and hard worker at her family’s Dairy Queen growing up.' I think the Dairy Queen work is my favorite, she has lived and breathed what small business is all about.”

- Kathleen Soldati, Portsmouth Democratic Activist

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Rebecca McBeath - Portsmouth State Rep

“While we have a remarkable tradition of women leaders in our state, there is still a long way to go with representation of working mothers in politics.”

- Rebecca McBeath, Portsmouth State Rep

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Newmarket State Rep Charlotte DiLorenzo

"I'm excited to support Rebecca's candidacy. We need the thoughtful, eperienced leadership Rebecca will provide in the state Senate to achieve progressive change."

- Charlotte DiLorenzo, Newmarket State Rep

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Geri Prado

“Rebecca’s diverse experiences as a small business development volunteer, a legislative coordinator at the statewide level, a grassroots coordinator at the federal level, a nonprofit advocate, and a workforce housing defender make her a phenomenal candidate to represent District 21 in the state Senate,” said Geri Prado, vice president of state and local campaigns at EMILY's List. “EMILY’s List is thrilled to support Rebecca’s state Senate campaign so that she can continue her public service and advocacy in the legislature.

- Geri Prado, vice president of state local campaigns, EMILY's List

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