2023 Legislative Session

A new term means a new legislative package! This session, I am leading 17 major bills which aim to address the housing crisis, reproductive rights, supporting LGBTQ families, and much more.

My priority bills include:

🏠Housing Champions (SB 145): This bill is the result of a hard-working, bipartisan coalition dedicated to tackling our state’s housing crisis. Through the Housing Champions program, we can help empower municipalities to improve workforce housing stock which is key to addressing a myriad of issues, from small business support to the healthcare worker shortage.

🤰 MOMnibus: This bill builds on the work of my predecessor, Martha Full Clark, by extending postpartum Medicaid coverage to one year, implementing a workplace lactation program, and investing in our children’s mental health care. With women leaving the workforce in droves during the pandemic, we need policy that helps support their transition back to the workforce. And having drafted this bill in close consultation with small businesses, it’s a win-win for all sides.

🏥Access to Abortion-Care Act (SB 181): After the Dobbs decision, 20 million folks lost their abortion rights. NH is one of three states where abortion is legal but not protected. It’s time we change that. This piece of legislation codifies abortion rights up to 24 weeks, something a supermajority of Granite Staters support.

👩‍👧Pelvic Floor Therapy (SB 176): SB 176 would ensure that medical insurance covers access to pelvic floor therapy. This care is often crucial to helping moms return to their daily life yet it’s not always included in insurance coverage.

👩‍👩‍👧Parentage (SB 264): NH is one of the leading states when it comes to supporting couples who need medical assistance to start a family. This bill helps to update existing law with more inclusive language and create a more streamlined process for same-sex couples.

🏫Small-Group Childcare (SB 170): This bill will help alleviate some of the barriers to accessing childcare in NH. It allows small daycare centers to be located in non-residential settings, which will increase access and help support young parents staying in the workforce.

👩‍👩‍👧SB 198 (IVF): This bill would create a study to examine the costs of expanding group health insurance coverage for same-sex couples and single individuals undergoing assisted reproduction treatment. While current coverage does exist in some cases, it is not equal. Same-sex couples should have the same insurance access as their heterosexual counterparts, from start to finish.

💆‍♀️ SB 207: Establishing a committee to continue the study of licensure of mental health professionals. With NH facing a critical shortage in providers, this study will be crucial to tackling barriers to hiring new staff.

💨 SB 152: Establishing a committee to study workforce needs for offshore wind and training programs, including at Great Bay Community College. Huge for our developing offshore wind industry right here on the Seacoast!