UPDATED: 1/19/2021

This year, it is most important to address urgent needs and long-term structural items that will allow the State to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever and preparing for the future. We must care for each other, and look to a future for this state focused on multi-generational, sustainable communities prepared with the best schools and outdoor amenities.

In total, I am sponsoring or co-sponsoring 57 pieces of legislation, which are listed below. I’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout the year on where my legislation stands and other initiatives I plan to work on.


2021-0781 HB Title: relative to emergency housing assistance. HB512 text
2021-0873 SB Title: relative to a notice to quit for residential tenants.  
2021-0878 SB Title: relative to prohibiting certain denials of rental assistance.  
2021-0961 SB Title: making an appropriation to the department of health and human services to increase homeless services.  
2021-0511 HB Title: relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development. HB586 text
2021-0929 SB Title: relative to the commission to study barriers to increased land development in New Hampshire.  
2021-0930 SB Title: establishing the New Hampshire housing and conservation planning program.  
2021-0974 SB Title: establishing a committee to study adopting changes to the state fire and building codes.  

Redistricting & Election Access

2021-0910 SB Title: establishing an independent advisory commission on redistricting.  
2021-1038 SB Title: relative to resources used by legislative committees in connection with redistricting.  
2021-1039 SB Title: relative to maps created or considered by legislative committees tasked with redistricting.  
2021-1040 SB Title: requiring that any legislative committee meetings on redistricting be open to the public.  
2021-1042 SB Title: modifying the absentee voter registration process, absentee ballot application, and absentee ballot voting process. SB47 text
2021-0989 SB Title: relative to the use of electronic poll books by cities and towns. SB46 text

Green Energy

2021-0862 SB Title: relative to renewable energy procurement.  
2021-0901 SB Title: relative to the alternative compliance payments for renewable energy obligations not met through the purchase of renewable energy credits.  
2021-0945 SB Title: relative to the installation, interconnection, and use of energy storage systems by customers of utilities.  
2021-0988 SB Title: relative to group host credits for net energy metering.  

Small Business Relief

2021-0900 SB Title: relative to beverage manufacturer licenses.  
2021-1047 SB Title: increasing the minimum gross business income required for filing a business profits tax return.  

COVID-19 Relief

2021-0864 SB Title: extending unpaid leave benefits to employees for COVID-19 purposes.  
2021-0895 SB Title: relative to employer payment of required COVID-19 testing.  
2021-1016 SB Title: relative to copayments for COVID-19 testing.  
2021-1056 SB Title: relative to paid sick leave.  
2021-0940 SB Title: relative to child care scholarships.  
2021-1020 SB Title: relative to the SNAP incentive program.  
2021-0946 SB Title: requiring a COVID-19 needs assessment of nursing homes and long-term care facilities and making an appropriation therefor.  


2021-0068 HB Title: creating a statute of limitation on civil actions relative to damage caused by perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. HB236 text
2021-0842 SB Title: prohibiting incineration of PFAS in New Hampshire.  

Municipal Meetings and Funding

2021-0911 SB Title: relative to remote access to meetings under RSA 91-A.  
2021-0853 SB Title: providing for optional town meeting procedures and allowing preprocessing of absentee ballots.  
2021-0256 SB Title: establishing a statewide solid waste disposal reduction goal.  
2021-0884 SB Title: relative to a state share of retirement system contributions by employers.  
2021-0886 SB Title: relative to the property tax relief act of 2021.  
2021-0887 SB Title: relative to a temporary change in the formula for school funding.  
2021-0970 SB Title: postponing assessment reviews and reappraisals of property.  

Criminal Justice

2021-1001 SB Title: requiring implicit bias training for judges; establishing a body-worn and dashboard camera fund and making an appropriation therefor; relative to race and ethnicity data on driver's licenses, and relative to juvenile delinquency.  
2021-0913 SB Title: relative to incarceration under a suspended sentence.  

LGBTQ+ Issues

Letter on IVF

Letter on Adoption

2021-0168 HB Title: prohibiting provocations based on a victim’s actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation from being used as a defense in manslaughter cases. HB238 text

Workers' Rights

2021-0861 SB Title: requiring employers to provide access to a sufficient space for nursing mothers and reasonable break time.  
2021-0197 HB Title: relative to payment for earned but unused vacation or personal time. HB113 text
2021-0392 SB Title: requiring an employer to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees.  


2021-1058 SB Title: relative to the support and promotion of New Hampshire's live performance industry to the council on the arts.  


2021-0255 SB Title: establishing the coastal program administered by the department of environmental services  
2021-0741 HB Title: relative to the sale and distribution of polystyrene food service products. HB618 text
2021-0823 SB Title: establishing a surcharge on certain saltwater licenses and establishing a fund for derelict fishing gear and coastal cleanup  
2021-0876 SB Title: enabling municipalities to establish a community preservation and resilience program funded in part through a surcharge on real property.  
2021-0877 SB Title: relative to public bodies.  
2021-0976 SB Title: relative to the enjoyment of publicly-accessible and publicly-funded recreation areas.  
2021-0927 SB Title: relative to tidal waters.  
2021-1068 SB Title: establishing greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and establishing a climate action plan.  

Medical Rights

2021-1046 SB Title: making an appropriation to the department of health and human services for primary prevention services for families.  
2021-0859 SB Title: relative to the licensure and regulation of music therapists.  
2021-0257 SB Title: establishing a dental benefit under the state Medicaid program.  

Naming Bills

2021-0554 HB Title: proclaiming April 11 as Wentworth Cheswill Day. HB283 text
2021-0909 SB Title: recognizing October 13 as metastatic breast cancer awareness day.  
2021-0922 SB Title: relative to Native American name restoration. SB33 text

I will be updating this page throughout the legislative session, but you can also view the 2021 LSRs on the New Hampshire General Court website.