Take a Stand Against Unfair Redistricting in New Hampshire

Sign the petition demanding fair maps.

URGENT ACTION: As early as Monday, January 31st, the Republicans are set to pass gerrymandered maps for our Congressional, State Senate and House districts. These maps could result in a Republican supermajority in the State Senate and lock in CD1 and CD2, moving 250,000 voters between districts and breaking 140 years of tradition. This is not how democracy should work. Despite over 70 towns signing resolutions for fair redistricting and thousands of Granite Staters calling for the same, Republicans are running a partisan process with little transparency or zero attempts at cooperation.

I still believe in the power of the people and know that the voice of the people is the only chance we have to stop this power grab. Show Republicans that thousands of their own constituents will not stand for this injustice.

Sign the petition below and forward to at least 3 friends. The future of our state’s democracy is at stake.

Our petition asks that:

  • Governor Sununu veto any map that has an efficiency gap above 0.5%. Our 2020 elections results were 50.2% Republican, 48.5% Democratic vote. Our maps should reflect this competitiveness in their overall makeup, meaning either party could win either chamber during any election year.
  • The Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee should hold additional evening hearings to allow for greater participation in the process.
  • The Committees charged with redistricting should draft amendments to the maps proposed in a public executive session which allows the public to understand their reasoning and hear the basis for the districts crafted.

Thank you for your signature. We will not get this chance again for 10 years. Let’s take action while there is still time!

Will you sign?